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For international inqueries to any of the following countries; United Kingdom, Australia, India, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, Iran, New Zealand, Russia, Turkey, USA, please contact our customer service.

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What is Healthwell?

Healthwell is a Swedish brand that launched in 2011, which consists of high-quality dietary supplements at reasonable prices. Healthwell has a wide range of vitamins, minerals, omega-3s, herbs, specially composed supplements and much more, in order for you to supplement your diet with the right products.

We belive that everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy and wholesome life, and that is why we took the step out on to the European market in 2020.

We believe that conscious actions lead to more healthy choices in your everyday life. As our lives become more sedentary and the nutrition in our food becomes worse, it is even more important to work out properly and have a healthy diet. For us at Healthwell, it all begins with you, the customer, and your needs. We want everyone to find what you are looking for with us and we want a long-term relationship with you. Thus, we work actively to convey motivation and the joy of exercising while offering products of the highest quality that concern all areas of exercise, health, food and beauty. We have a great responsibility to convey healthy and good values and we do this by sharing everything we know in regards to exercise and health.

The words inspiration, knowledge, trust and consideration  are key for our work at Healthwell. These words represent the values that our organization is steeped in. We want to inspire and motivate people to have a healthy and active lifestyle. Our knowledge is vast and great wityhin the fields that we are in, and we want to share that with you. We wish to build trust through openness and transperancy, inside the company, and more importantly with you - the customer. This is also reflected in our consideration towards people and the environment. We want to show that the whole is important and thus that a person is only whole if he feels good inside and out.

All of us at Healthwell are passionate about what we do and we try to do it according to the needs that we find our customers to have, with the latest science as a basis. We do hope that our passion for a healthy and happy lifestyle seeps through and can inspire you to make more healthy choices!